Almost everything is in storage

My husband and I had to move out of the house we were living in quite suddenly about 2 months ago. Most of our belongings were put into storage. This move happened so fast that I couldn’t find a storage unit big enough for all that we had. Which meant we had to leave behind furniture 😦 .  The things I find I miss the most is my jewelry. It is not expensive or heirloom, but all the pieces are mine. While the storage unit is only 3 hours away it was a rushed packing and not everything is labeled correctly. That is why I started this blog. So I could post words and pics and wishes.

One thing I have learned over this past couple of months is how much I really don’t need. That most of the stuff I have bought over the years was impulse and/or wasted money. My husband and I have talked a lot recently about how we plan to sell off many of our belongings. Maybe I will able to buy that emerald necklace 🙂


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