I know this is not a crystal or gem, but I love this product. I usually only need to take 1 in the morning and it helps reduce my fibroid pain. It also seems to help me manage my weight and my stomach seems flatter when I take it regularly. For a few months I didn’t take it, we were so busy with moving and traveling I couldn’t. You have to take this on an empty stomach, either 30 minutes before you eat or an hour after you eat. With everything going on I couldn’t keep track of when I should take it and eventually I just forgot about taking it altogether. Gradually my pain increased to the point that no matter how I sat or laid I could not get comfortable. Last week I remembered, but I don’t have many left. So I just took it a few days and felt only slightly better. I went to the web site where I usually buy this, looked for coupons and checked out how many points I had. The price was still expensive with the $20 discount. I have tried checking on Amazon for this before, but never saw it  This time I got lucky 🙂 they had it and for $40 less than what I pay on my usual site and it also has free shipping.  I am so happy. At this price it is more affordable especially around the holidays.


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